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David King
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I have music online in two places:

Soundclick: Here, you'll find my newest songs, with me playing everything. I'll probably keep using this service for awhile - very easy to use!

Download: I have some songs here, too. Mainly acoustic, scratch-pad versions of the songs at the Soundclick page. Not sure I'll keep using this one - much too hard to edit my info with them.

I'm also listed in the Singer/Songwriter Directory... not that anything has ever been done with that.

Music Blog

I have a music-oriented blog! I plan to use it as a musical diary, talking about music, what and where I'm playing, etc. Just for kicks.

Bio (the music version)

I've played drums since 6th grade, and guitar since college. I picked up guitar because I was in a band, and my band mates were all writing songs. I wanted to write songs, too - so I learned guitar...

Some of my songs are about God. I tend to write from my heart, and well... He's there! Some of my songs also have a goofy, querky vibe - and so do I.

My songs tend to be guitar-based acoustic pop, usually acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. Sometimes I break out the distortion pedal and rock out, too!

Hope you enjoy them!

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