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David King
MLS · Librarian · Web Manager · Speaker · Writer · Teacher · Learner · Blogger · IM · Techno Nerd · Musician

Welcome to the newest version of my website! Feel free to browse around, learn more about me, etc.

Explanation of some of the links:

blog: I have a library technology oriented blog.
need a speaker: I speak at a variety of library conferences and workshops.
resume: self-explanatory
presentations and publications: links to those parts of my resume.
Furl bookmarks: I got tired of loosing my IE bookmarks, to moved them online.
photos (here, too): self explanatory.
blogroll: what I read most days.
music: I also write songs. Go listen!
music blog: keep up with my musical endeavors (mostly a place for me to play).

Not sure what else will end up here, but I'll mention it here if it happens.

© 2005 David King · email: davidleeking [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com · AIM: squagmar