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by David King, founding member

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EN00560A.gif (1867 bytes)Now, look at the rest of the site to find out more about us. Have we broken up yet? Not really - I'd call it an extended hiatus. A VERY extended hiatus, if you will (a good nine years and counting), but a hiatus, nonetheless.

We stopped playing together for a number of reasons, though - mainly, we went our separate ways. Three of us graduated from college. One of us moved back home to Iowa, and another one of us moved to Columbia. Two of us got married. One of us joined the National Guard. And finally, one of us moved to Nashville. Currently, the four of us live in Iowa, Columbia, Kansas City, and Tempe, Arizona, so it's rather difficult to get a jam together. rightarrow.gif (968 bytes)

1998-2000 The Freshman Senators