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The Freshman Senators:
A Retro-tspayktayv

by David King, founding member

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EN00560A.gif (1867 bytes)Way back in 1985, there were two guys who were tired of college life, and usually could be found having a great time making fun of college food (especially Tater-Tot Casserole), walking to the grocery store at 2am, making "graveyard runs," and generally wreaking havoc at a small liberal arts college in the midwest.

One day, as they were rummaging through the music building's practice rooms, they came upon an old, nasty player organ with a cassette tape recorder hooked up to it. Yes, yes - an idea was born! Tony and David soon started "moonlighting" at this organ, and eventually filled up three cassette tapes with silly songs, including absolutely terrible renditions of Yes' Owner of a Lonely Heart, Robbie the Robot (a beginning piano tune that Tony remembered), and even filled up one tape with odd renditions of Christmas tunes. As these tapes evolved, so did a name - the Freshman Senators... which, appropriately enough, was discovered on a... umm... Student Senate poster.

And so an idea was born. Soon after, Tony broke out his old electric guitar, and David and Tony ventured down to the band room, where David's drums were set up. And they started jamming, and recording themselves, which was unfortunate for the rest of civilization.WB00790_.gif (159 bytes)

1998-2000 The Freshman Senators