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Freshman Senators...

David (founding member)– drummer, vocalist, songwriter, and … ahem… keyboardist. He was in a band before the Freshman Senators called Sure Foundation, which played a bunch of CCM covers. He also played in numerous symphonic bands, orchestras, and jazz bands during his school years. His drums being stored in the band room was the main reason we got to practice in the band room at WJC. Since then, he has played mainly in worship teams at churches, either as drummer or guitar player. He made a 2 year foray to Nashville as a freelance assistant recording engineer, and made a whopping $3000 bucks at it, which prompted his decision to go to grad school and get more of a real job (he’s now the Information Technology Librarian at the Kansas City Public Library). While in Nashville, he auditioned for 5 bands, and passed the audition for 3 of them, only realizing soon after that he didn’t want to play country music in smoky bars or play weird Nirvana-inspired christian metal. While in Nashville he sacked groceries for Trisha Yearwood, booked studio time for Michael W. Smith, and assisted on some tracks that Marie Osmond’s eight year old son was cutting for a christmas special. He still writes songs, and loves to listen to his FS tapes every now and then.

Tony (founding member)– played the violin before picking up the guitar. Mainly played a Hagstrom while with the Freshman Senators (which Brian now owns). Has been through numerous guitars since then. Has also played in a few bands since then. With Tom, he played some with the Young Johnny Carson Story, and also recorded some tunes with him. Also played with The Passion.

Tom – Played bari sax in jazz band. Played a red Lotus bass into a Hilgen amplifier that had been overdriven one too many times, and ended up having a constant distorted sound. He has played many basses (through many amplifiers) since then. The rest of the Freshman senators coerced him into buying his first bass and playing with us, but he’s the one that has stuck it out the longest. Even had a small local following in a few of his bands. He’s been in Cher (a really funny distorted band that usually played a high decibel version of I Got You Babe as their closer), The Young Johnny Carson Story (they had to change the name because of a letter from JC’s publicity people!), and he’s been in a few other bands as well.

Brian – Never been in another band, before or since. Still owns the Hagstrom, plus a Squire and a Mustang, and maybe one or two other guitars, and at least two saxophones and a clarinette (all of which he jams on). He was the most melodic of the four of us, and was the only real singer we had (although we all shared singing duties). He’s now a bank manager, and dresses up in camoflage on the weekends with the national guard.

1998-2000 The Freshman Senators