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of the
Freshman Senators…

  1. Tony and David (and one of Tony’s friends) somehow landed a Mary Kay cosmetics party. We played goofy 50s inspired songs (no singing, no bass guitars – just two guitars and drums) in someone’s backyard, and were asked to turn down a time or two. I believe we made $100 bucks, and each got $25 for it (the soundman, who seemed to have watched MTV’s Headbangers Ball one too many times, also got $25).
  2. We played at the Grand Emporium! There was a local band night, and three bands played. One of the bands was named Poet Crow (don’t remember the other band’s name). The sound guy at the Emporium thought we were great – not sure if anyone else did, though.
  3. We staged our own concert at WJC, in Peters Theater our senior year, complete with smoke machine and a 6-foot dinosaur that dropped down over David at appropriate times.
  4. We played at a wedding for one of our friends. I don’t think all of us were there. I think it was just David, Tom and Tony. David played guitar on one song, and the groom and his brother were both good drummers, so they played some, too.
  5. We played in a battle of the bands at Independence Center. It was really funny – most of the bands except us were metal band wanna-be’s, and we decided on the spot to make fun of them in our own special way. We had one really mellow song called No One Sleeps. It has a solo break in the middle. During that break, we spontaneously broke out into thrash metal… we had fun, if no one else did! I knocked down a mic in the middle of the set with my drumstick, and our time ran out before we could get to Rock to the Top. And we didn’t win. One of the judges came up to us afterwards, told us he really liked us, and then told us he’d voted for us to be #2. Thanks, dude! And, of course, the sound guys loved us (the Grand Emporium dude was there, too) – probably in part because they knew we were making fun of the other bands, and because we were one of the few bands there that was "different."
  6. Brian, David, Tom and a guy named Jeff Dyer played at WJC’s Tatler Review (yearly skit time) for a contest or something. We played Chuck Berry’s Nadine.

Around that same time, Brian, David and Tom also played as the pit band for one of the 15-minute skits.

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1998-2000 The Freshman Senators