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Our second album…

We made one real, live 11-song record (cassette tape, really). We recorded Rock to the Top, plus some other songs that had slowly evolved from jams. Tom’s Butterfly Fan made it to this recording (a classic in it’s own time). More about the other songs.

This album had two covers. One, I suppose, could be called our "limited edition" version, which had a marbled cassette jacket, each one individually done by Tom, or bass player/artist. The other was a line drawing taken from a photo of the four of us, also done by Tom. It had an orange background (probably meant to stand out from the others at the time). We made about 100 of these, and even sold some at PennyLane Records in the Westport area of Kansas City. It was recorded in some guy’s parent’s garage, which he had converted into an 8-track recording studio.

We also made business cards as inserts for this cassette. Did anyone call using the business cards? I don’t think so. But they were cute!