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Our First Album…

We had the wonderful opportunity soon after we all started jamming together to be recorded by a basic sound recording class at our wonderful institution of learning. We thought it’d be a hoot, and immediately volunteered.

After volunteering, we coerced Tom into actually purchasing a bass guitar, and whalla – we suddenly had the classic rock band setup – two guitars, bass, and drums. I think maybe we recorded only two weeks after Tom started playing his bass, but he somehow managed to give us enough low-end sounds to get us through the session not sounding too completely idiotic (although Tom has been known to gag at the idea of listening to his bass tracks separately).

For some strange reason, Brian didn’t record his guitar with us – I believe he had a presentation to do or a test to study for. However, he did record vocals with us, and sang on our groovy version of Louie, Louie and our ode to the lizard world, Ancient Tail.

That recording was really fun. We also had some other fun romps, as well. The Inspector General, named (incorrectly and impromptu by David, and then announced by one of the students onto the tape – we kept it in the mix) was our version of the Inspector Clousseau’s theme song, I think. I’ll need to ask to make sure. Louie, Louie consisted of all four of us singing the "Louie, Louie" part of the song numerous times, and making really stupid comments the whole time, in a variety of silly voices, from Italian gangsters to the Star Wars character, Chewbacca. Ancient Tail was about a dinosaur battle, and was, appropriately enough, set to a classic, slow, heavy metal type of accompaniment. I don’t remember any of the other songs right now.